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New Clients at B Well Thermography

Scheduling an Appointment

Breast Thermography International has lab locations all over the United States. These thermography centers are operated by Certified Thermographic Technicians that have had extensive medical thermography training through the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology.

Find your closest thermography location

Call your closest lab center to set up an appointment. The Certified Thermographic Technician at that location will set up a date and time that works best for you. Some locations have online appointment making ability.

There are different types of thermography scans based on what you are looking for. All BTI labs offer breast thermography as well as full body thermography which always includes the breasts while also screening the rest of the body for abnormal body heat. The following appointment process applies to all types of thermal imaging offered.

Thermography Intake Form

Upon scheduling, the Certified Thermographic Technician will give you instructions on filling out the intake form on our website. You must complete the form as soon as possible after you set up your appointment, as important preparation guidelines are mandatory leading up to the appointment.

Client Protocols

Upon completing the intake form, you will be emailed a set of client protocols. They can also be found at the top of the intake form or you can view them here »

These protocols are important as they outline what not to do in the days leading up to your thermography appointment in attempt to avoid things that may alter test results.

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At your appointment, the Certified Thermographic Technician will ask you to disrobe behind a privacy curtain where you will stand in front of the thermographic camera. Thermography can only be utilized without clothing, as clothing prevents temperature readings of the skin’s surface. Our technicians make every effort to respect your privacy and comfort with the use of privacy screens.Once positioned behind the camera, you will undergo an acclimation process. This involves relaxing while your body acclimates to room temperature. This process takes 10-15 minutes. This guarantees that the temperature readings are accurate and not affected by factors such as tight bra straps, clothing, outside weather, and other factors that cause temporary increase or decease in surface temperature.While you are acclimating, the technician will review your intake form with you, checking for accuracy, and gathering additional information as necessary.

Once acclimated, the technician will ask you to move in certain positions in front of the thermal camera in order to get a full picture of the breasts. That way, they can be assessed from every angle allowing temperature measurements to be taken in any location necessary. This process will only take a few minutes after which you will get dressed and enjoy the rest of your day.

The technician is not qualified to read your thermal images or give you any information or advice regarding them. You will not get your results at the time of the thermography appointment as the images taken by the technician will need to be analyzed and interpreted by physicians.

Your images will be interpreted by PACT Board Certified physicians who are trained through the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology and have many years of experience in medical thermography. Every image goes through three levels of analysis and interpretation by Doctors with varying degrees of expertise. A report will be created which will contain your images, medical history, and the Doctor’s impressions and recommendations based on a variety of factors.

This in-depth analysis and multi-page report usually takes between 3-7 business days to complete. Our technicians do offer a STAT (24-48 hours) option available to you at the time of your visit for a small fee if you need the results sooner than the estimated timeline.

Reports will be issued to you directly by your technician in a digital format so you may enjoy the high resolution images. We recommend reviewing your results with your Doctor. You will see various measurements and comments based on your findings that will need to be investigated by a physician. Medical thermology reports are easy to understand by your Doctor as their training in physiology and anatomy is extensive. If your Doctor is not familiar with thermography or need help understanding the report, our team of doctors are available for consultation.

All records are held by our central organization. This allows for you to be able to choose to go to any of our locations without having to start over in the event that your technician or lab center become unavailable. Additionally this guarantees that our interpreting physicians have access to your past thermography reports to establish a breast health baseline and effectively assess for changes on future exams.

Factors that may Affect Thermography Results

Not all tests are 100% accurate. It is important to combine different modes of testing for the most optimal outcome. The following factors may affect successful outcome measures:

  • Age
  • Obesity
  • Ability to stay still in the proper positions
  • Adherence to client protocols
  • Excessive bra use
  • Seat warmers
  • Over-exercising
  • Caffeine use
  • Medications altering hormones such as birth control
  • Extra large breasts
  • Breast implants


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