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About B Well Thermography

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Our History

Long before B Well Thermography opened, our certified thermographic technician, Shirley Prendergast, began her career in natural health. She started by working as a chiropractic assistant and, when the chiropractor she worked for became certified to teach clinical thermography, she jumped at the chance to learn. Since 2010, she has provided breast thermography and full body scans to patients throughout the tri-state area.

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, Shirley decided to focus exclusively on providing clinical thermography and she opened our practice. Our primary location is in Milford, but we travel to many locations throughout the Hamden, Newington area—we can even make house calls.

The Importance of Early Detection

Clinical thermography is a non-invasive, radiation-free way to test for physiological changes in the body that may be early indicators of various different pathologies. This early warning system can give you and your doctor the information that an area that needs to be watched or investigated further.

As the name “thermography” implies, this technology assesses the temperature of the body in certain areas, relative to the same area on the opposite side of the body. Differences in temperature may indicate increased or decreased blood flow to the area, which can be a signal that the body has a problem there. Often this type of change occurs before the pathology is evident on anatomical tests.

We Love Success Stories

One of our patients scheduled for a breast scan but decided while she was here to go ahead and have a full body scan. When we scanned her back, we picked up heat anomalies in an area that had no visible indicators of problems. The patient scheduled follow-up testing with her dermatologist, who had not detected anything in previous exams. She showed him her thermography scan and asked him to examine the area. He diagnosed first-stage melanoma, which was treatable. She continued to get follow up scans to stay in tune with her health.

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Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We accept HSAs and have multiple locations in Hamden, Newington.

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